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Welcome to Ohana Candleshop.   We are a small home based candle company doing our best to provide our customers with scented candles, wax melts, and even car air fresheners that fill your space with wonderful scents.   Everything we sell is made by hand in our own home using the highest quality of materials we can find.    Thank you for giving our products a try!

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Scented Candles

Our scented candles are made with a soy wax blend that is clean burning and long lasting.   They are a great size for any average sized room.   Put one on your bedroom dresser, your dining room table, or even your desk at work.   Since they are made with food grade waxes, they are clean burning.   They come in a thick glass jar with a laser engraved bamboo lid.

Large 3-Wick Candles

Want to fill a bigger space with scent?    Our large 3 wick candles can do that!   These are made for larger rooms such as living rooms, dining rooms, or dens.   Made with the same materials as our smaller candles but since these are double the size with 3 wicks instead of 1, it will produce more scent compared to our small candles.

Scented Wax Melts

Designed for those who want a room full of scent without having an open flame.  Our wax melts are compatible with almost any wax melter you can find including ones from your big box stores.   They contain the highest percentage of fragrance oil the wax will hold.   Everyone around you will smell the melts as soon as you remove it from its packaging which is made from recycled plastic.   These are perfect for your office cubicle, dorm room, or bathroom.

Air Fresheners

We originally created these for use in vehicles.   But our customers are telling us that they use them in many other places as well.   Their closets at home, their lockers at work, and even linen closets!     These are made with a mix of our premium fragrance oils combined with a diffuser base so the oil can saturate into the wooden top.   The main vial is made of glass and comes with an elastic string for hanging it from your rear view mirror, or anywhere else you can imagine.

See our recent reviews

We are over the moon to read the reviews our customers have left for us.   Seriously, it melts our hearts to know that they all love their purchases.   Angela and I thank all of our customers for taking time out of their day to leave feedback.   We read each and every one of them.  Here are just a few of the recent ones we chose at random from the hundreds we get each month.