About Us


Our Story

Ohana Candleshop was started by myself, Chris Yohn, and my wife Angela.   In the north Georgia mountains in the city of Blue Ridge.   I moved to Blue Ridge when I was 15, but Angela was born and raised here.  Angela loves to burn candles around the house but there have been multiple times where the candles did not fill the room with scent, smelled like chemicals, or produced smoke due to low quality materials.  We were looking for a hobby for the cooler months of the year since our vegetable garden occupies almost all our time during spring and summer.   After doing lots of research and creating countless test candles, we finally found a process that not only produced clean burning candles, but candles that were also strong scented.  Family and friends seemed to love the candles and melts we were making so we decided to turn our small project into a side business so we can share our products with everyone.

The company name?   Well...   My family and I are big Disney fans.  Angela and I got married in 1999 and we went to Disney on our honeymoon.   We have been back multiple times since then and now our home is filled with Disney items.   The Disney Movie "Lilo and Stitch" explains that the word "Ohana" means "Family".   Our small and humble family means everything to us and since we all help in the creation of our products, we found the name to be fitting.    Ohana Candleshop was born and we never looked back.  From selecting scent combinations, to cleaning up the mess after we are done with a batch, we work together and have fun doing it.

We hope you enjoy our products.  We love hearing feedback and suggestions so feel free to contact us at info@ohanacandleshop.com.   We are always on the lookout for new scents to develop as well so if you have one in mind, let us know!