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Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order ship?

We do our very best to ship in a timely manner.   For the bulk of our orders, we pack them up and ship them out either Saturday morning or Monday morning.   Our system should send you a tracking number as soon as the order is packed up and ready to go.   Often times we also ship during the week but that is very dependent upon our primary jobs and household obligations.

Something arrived broken, can you help?

All of our packages come with priority mail insurance.   In the past, we were able to submit claims on the behalf of our customers but the US Postal Service changed this.    We can no longer submit claims for our customers.   Your local branch of the post office will be able to start the claim process for a refund of your purchase if it should arrive broken.   They will want to see what the broken item was along with the box and packing material.  They want to see off of that to make sure the item had adequate protection for shipping (which all of our shipments do).

Will you accept special orders for an event?

We would be delighted to provide any of our product for your event.   Birthday Parties, Weddings, Dedications, Memorials, or just a corporate function.   Send us an email to info@ohanacandleshop.com and let us know what you are planning and what you would like for us to create for you.   We can handle everything from custom labels which can include pictures, to candles that are colored to match your event.   These will be made to order so the sooner your reach out to us, the better!

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

No.    We keep our prices slightly above cost for everyone, not just a select few who want to set up a wholesale deal.   If you would like to sell our candles in your own boutique or store, we can ship all of our products without branding so you can apply your own if you would like to do so.

Can you make a particular scent I am looking for?

We love it when we are able to take a suggestion from a customer and add it to our lineup.   Many of our current scent offerings are here as a result of being requested.   We are always looking for more suggestions to what our customers would like us to offer.   If you have a scent suggestion, let us know!